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Understanding the 5 Types of Alcoholism

If you feel that alcohol is endangering you or someone else, call 911 or obtain similar help right away. Research suggests that individuals in the Young Antisocial subtype tend to have a family history of alcoholism and a genetic predisposition to alcoholism. This subtype is more common in men and is characterized by a more … Leer más

Is Being Dependent on a Drug the same as being Addicted?

Addiction manifests as a combination of physical, mental, and behavioral symptoms. However, a person who is dependent on a drug may not addicted to it. Keep in mind, a physical dependence is usually a precursor to addiction, so it is important to recognize the signs of both. Amidst the worsening polysubstance overdose crisis driven by … Leer más

Understanding the Five Types of Alcoholics Get Help For Alcohol Addiction

Young antisocial types have the highest rate of other substance abuse disorders, whether it be cigarettes, cannabis, opioids, cocaine or meth. This subtype has the lowest levels of income, education and employment. They also binge drink far more than any other group, but less frequently. Chronic severe alcoholics include the highest percentage of people struggling … Leer más

Relapse Prevention for Sexual Offenders: Considerations for the Abstinence Violation Effect Office of Justice Programs

Because the volume and scope of this work precludes an exhaustive review, the following section summarizes a select body of findings reflective of the literature and relevant to RP theory. The studies reviewed focus primarily on alcohol and tobacco cessation, however, it should be noted that RP principles have been applied to an increasing range … Leer más