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Wilder’s DMI ADX Indicator: Definition and Calculation Formula

adx meaning

When the ADX has risen above 50, this indicates that the price has picked up momentum in one direction. In a bullish market, DI+ will start to go up as the price goes up. As the price continues to rise, DI+ will continue to increase and at some point will cross over DI-, which will stay flat or fall. ADX can be used as an indicator for short selling if the DI- line is above the DI+ line.

The Alligator is a versatile basic indicator with a simple yet effective calculation formula. Trade theory suggests adding trend tools to the oscillator – for example, a moving average or a combination of ADX and EMA. It is a set of MAs with different periods that show four stages of a trend – beginning, active phase, weakening trend, and flat.

Average Directional Index (ADX) Formula

Volume-based indicators, basic trend analysis and chart patterns can help distinguish strong crossover signals from weak crossover signals. For example, chartists can focus on +DI buy signals when the bigger trend is up and -DI sell signals when the bigger trend is down. Before looking at some signals with examples, keep in mind that Wilder was a commodity and currency trader. The examples in his books are based on these instruments, not stocks. This does not mean his indicators cannot be used with stocks, however. Some stocks have price characteristics similar to commodities, which tend to be more volatile with short and strong trends.

Wilder put forth a simple system for trading with these directional movement indicators. Wilder based the initial stop on the low of the signal day. The signal remains in force as long as this low holds, even if +DI crosses back below -DI. Wait for this low to be penetrated before abandoning the signal.

ADX Between 5 to 15

Unlike other technical indicators, however, readings above 60 do not occur frequently for ADX. The indicator line on a 1-minute interval was below the 25% level for 5 hours. The price chart shows a clear narrow flat of fewer than 10 points wide at 4-digit quotes. Considering the spread on such a range, only scalping trading strategies will be effective. The strongest price movements occur when the market is in a flat. Flat means an equal number of buyers and sellers, and equilibrium is when the order volumes from both parties are approximately the same.

Now, in this strategy, ADX will act as a filter for another entry condition to improve its accuracy and ensure that we have the odds in our favor. Now we’re starting to see some quite strong impulses, which in the case above in fact lead to a reversal of the trend. Even though the differences between this and the previous image aren’t that significant, they are big enough. If the red line(-DI) is higher than the green line(+DI) that is generally an indication of a bearish trend.

How to use currency strength meter

On the hourly interval, the ADX drops, signifying the convergence of the dotted lines. And if I did that, my profit potential would be just over $30. Here, there is also a crossover of the dotted lines with the signal of a trend change, but our indicator has already bounced off the level 40 and now ADX drops gradually. This may indicate that you should close a trade that has been opened on a 30-minute interval within the day. Trading in a flat only interests the scalpers who open trades with a target profit potential of several points. The biggest profits are only obtained by using trend trading.

Conversely, if the green line(+DI) is higher than the red line(-DI) adx meaning that is generally an indication of a bullish trend.

Calculating the ADX

Close the trade on the candlestick marked with a yellow arrow, as all three lines of the oscillator turned downward. On the other hand, when you open a trade on a long timeframe expecting a long trend using a lagging signal, it’s considered one of the perfect conservative, low-risk trading strategies. Opening a trade during the reverse crossover of +DI and -DI, ADX rose over the 40th level. After the price exits the flat, it reaches its maximum, where it could possibly reverse. The index line is still showing a strong trend, while +DI and -DI swap.

  • However, what we can tell you, is that you definitely should try to experiment with different ADX readings and threshold levels.
  • ADX indicator is one of the many technical indicators often used by traders.
  • ADX trading is a good way of working out which stocks, for example, are trading within their normal range and which merit further inspection.
  • The ADX line indicates the strength of movement over the period.
  • For example, go to and select Tools / Stock Filter from the top menu.